Nail Designs 2011 in the name of natural things
Nail Design Although only a few years ago, the extension of the nails was very popular fashion among women. But over time most things will return to "natural" values.
Women prefer their own natural design of the nails, but they are less effective than those made at trade shows.
Here the emphasis is not on the fact how much the service costs and the fact that recently started the economic crisis compelled to review the investment performance of some beauty salons.

Just decided to change how the state of glamor to the comfortable and you can see, even nail designs.

Manicure nail designs Court in 2011, promises to be well prepared when all the colors and the diversity of details, which showed a nail designs in vogue in recent years. The best option - a smooth polished plain expensive, high-quality enamel. For those for whom this may seem too uniform and boring, a model of the classic French manicure will remain. The new concept is a French manicure - manicure in Shanghai, where the basis for a velvety black to serve in Poland, which is complemented by a golden color, but with transparent overlay shiny nail polish was used for fashion.

Nail Design 2011:

For all the conservatism of nail fashion designs in 2011, still leaves the possibilities pretty wide, with a wide range of creative ideas and experiments. Only he will focus on the length of artificial nails and details, for example, ornaments, stickers, stones and similar things, but above all - the color. Here you can connect things that are more directly compatible - ideal in the context of the aforementioned French manicure.

The original form of nail designs in 2011

In any case, the nails must be rounded and smooth, as the clean lines and angles in this season is no longer remarkable. First, all owners of large nails and how to "scoop" should remember. The fact that of them in 2011 saved the Nail Fashion Manicure style with a break in the cuticle. This style has many opponents, who say it is contrary to all traditional notions of aesthetic nail. However, women whose nature has not provided the ideal shape of the nails, however, is a kind of benefit of origin. In any case, you should choose the best designs on your nails clean!

Make a colorful design acrylic nails 2011

You do not need to pay for the manicure is a wonderful model and colored acrylic nails, 2011, all you have to do is read this article, see pictures of Amazing designs makes some of them. Acrylic nails are the 2011 models in a much more versatile than many artists of the nails, and there are so many original and creative ideas they have. Acrylic nail designs in 2011 will be a versatile styles, shapes, colors and nail art techniques.

If you do not know how to do acrylic nails designs its own in 2011, you can use the kit nail nail art, make beautiful and detailed models. This technique of stamping nail art is widely used by teenagers and all the other women who love the incredibly beautiful designs that can be applied not only for natural nails, but your artificial. Acrylic nails are beautiful models in 2011 and will never be the same flowers and other floral designs, including a portrait of models, which are particularly fashionable among teenagers

Nail fashion designs can safely be described as revolutionary: he tries to absolute minimalism.

nai items that will be popular this season in surprisingly short nails, nail designs or too short. This trend has already begun to emerge a couple of seasons, but in 2011, develops natural nails short and seriously jeopardize all the gains of other ambitious of the nail industry. Mass formations, acrylic nail designs, complex images on the surface of the nail, most likely, will be forgotten for a while.

Short nails are much more suited to the conditions of daily life - probably every woman will agree with that. They will break less often. They can not pull in tights, and they have other benefits not less important. Include at least the fact that, according to the best "glossy" magazine, the results of studies, most men prefer to see the hand of a lady with designs nail too long, men like the design of nails looking, they associate with femininity are not cursed with the trends. Designers end up repeating that the optimal length of the nail should be that way - the edge of the nail design should not be longer than the finger pad for no more than half a centimeter. In 2011, this factor in the design of fashion nails is the main thing.

Party Nail Design 2011

You do not have to limit yourself to a manicure colored monkey when you have the opportunity to choose oh-so-styles that look beautiful when combined with the nails short and long term. These nail designs 2011 group keep you busy for the next season. Do not start experimenting with the application and as a professional sport.

Preparing for the holiday season and try some of the easiest but fashionable nail art trends, which seem all the stunning events. These fun designs Nail Party 2011 offers you the chance to test your skills and to use some of the latest techniques to improve the tone manicures glamorous. Select an endless variety of patterns and make sure that you have to think big, and appeal to a wider palette of colors to make things even more fascinating and colorful. Let the professionals inspired by the examples hypnotize you and take you to the next level of painting nails. Use a manicure is the best accessory is crowned by a party and the main street seems.


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