One of the most difficult decisions facing many Muslim sisters is the decision to start wearing the hijab fashion. This is certainly true for the back, but can also be true for sisters whose families or even whose cultures are not very attentive against fashion. As I return, I lived it all. I want to give some advice that I hope inshallah will be helpful to sisters who are planning to wear the hijab but find that something is holding them back. If you do not think you should wear the hijab in fashion.


Every woman is, I've Got-no-to-wear per day, from time to time. But I think that Muslim women who have the most difficult. Why? Why do we need to find clothes that are clean, professional and modest enough to wear to work - and then find the veil to match. I'm sure many of you are working with women to know how it feels to find something small closet in the middle - for example, sleeveless tunic - only to realize that a long-sleeved t-shirt, which is usually a layer of dirty clothes bin



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