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Fashion Week is underway in London, and one thing we can be sure of this special time of year we're going to spend much time looking longingly other accessories. Yes, the queue at any LFW show is like a who's who of handbags, and the first row of this issue even more. Celebrities love their bags, and saw some very desirable pieces in the early hours of the fashion week alone.

To develop the show was clearly a major Unlike simple bags. Some of the fashion bags, belt buckles with just over the border every day, but fortunately, some kicked-up versions of the precision-cut fringes. And some people like Loewe bags, especially their style of Amazona. Again, the references to recollections of the fifties and sixties, that the road-stop shades of brown, yellow, green-water and water. To remain abstinent in the box were my favorite lizard ring shadows, particularly in silver-blue with a slash. All flash and show the originality

In search of a bag every day to see you through autumn / winter? This leather and suede bag from Oasis is a level of street bet, it is affordable, from natural materials and very aware of current styles, which basically turned the utmost importance, and its closure lock the twist.

The twist-lock look as loved by Mulberry, Miu Miu one. al. is a good detail to go through, as the ink color blue will look great if you tend to wear shades of precious stones of the season. This bag would look just as good made with respect to the standard black coats, as it would with a fuchsia pink silk dress.

When the Burberry London, New York, Proenza Schouler is the most fiercely anticipated show accessories on the market. A label that brought us back to the PS1 was part of it is brand new bags, and we had a look at what the models wore.

This time it was all about silhouettes that have been rounded creeping gradually over the last few experienced influenced by the styles of the 70s. Mini-buckets, camera bags and tote also presented heavily.

Colors ranged from green to bright orange jewels, has emerged in almost every collection of accessories, we crossed the S / S 12 There were some great impressions and carpet coverings with heavy chains and accents acetate flake keep look together.

He was not in the middle of the century, California, presented by Derek Lam or retro Googie architecture, which inspired the Proenza Schouler. Ralph Lauren Collection Spring spoke Jolly, Speakeasy-heavy, the transition period of the 1920s, when women were embracing his daring, freewheeling, tomboyish, girly-answer pages. In the middle of flowy dresses floral-print slip, flirty menswear inspired suits, cloche hats and feather boas in every creamy pastel colors, a selection of fashion bags just as romantic.

and languid days on the grass of spring is complete without a picnic basket. Enter your control over the bag of straw, a square version of braided leather cover. Shiny satin clutch cover exotic territory in the afternoon, and detail added to the stock rope shoulder bit rustic. The most exciting are fragile, ethereal, like a blanket-messengers, ropes sensitive (that reminded me of some finely upholstered pillow) and covered with feather. To complete the old environment floral embroidery and tender strips of hook - in the renovated penthouse

Vera Bradley messenger bags are designed for women involved or students to go. Printed on 100% cotton, this bag comfortable, smooth and wide for women is a beautiful specimen padded their favorite designs. Not only are these fashion bags to use a bag every day to go, you can use a laptop bag or a baby. This bag has a front door with PushLock clasp, large zippered compartment in the back pocket, the first three flap pockets on the back, two inside pockets and a removable bottom base. Available in various colors and prints that Daisy Daisy, Mediterranean blue, or white, pink pinwheel, Yellow Bird Raspberry Fizz, Rivera Blue, Mod flowers pink or blue Kensington Cambridge Peacock Java Blue, and the new 2008 fall colors Puccini Frankly Scarlet Caffe Milk, and Night Owl.


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