The shoes fashion are a kind of top model or brand shoes famous and sought after in stores online and offline. The shoe is on the list of "Top" comes in many different styles, shapes, colors, and always looking for the perfect shoe.

The first thing you probably think of when you look at your shoes for women, especially in this season is the right color, model, and show the beautiful fingers. But you are a woman who loves sports is the most important safety self-selected comfortable walking shoes, and your sport to function properly.

Matching Dress Shoes

Wearing matching shoes helps to avoid harsh contrasts between shoes and dresses that can distract from the procedure of marriage and especially the bride.

Fashion shoes Your wedding will look and feel more secure when each part of your wedding attire is comfortable and coordinated, and the focus is on the bride.

Neutral colored shoes are always a good option. Beige is a very dark color such as bold, brown, burgundy, brown and rust. Ivory, silver, light beige, is part of the cake.

Another way to select shoes that resemble the color of the bridesmaid dress is to look dark shoes that are one or two shades lighter, the color of the bridesmaid dresses.

Choose shoes a little lighter color to the bridesmaid dress color that contrasts and complementary modern and subtle.

And it is worth getting dressed for the season.

Women's Shoes

Women's shoes is a kind of top-brand shoes, famous and sought after as well as online and offline stores. Shoe includes a list of "Top" is available in many different styles, shapes, colors, and always looking for the perfect shoe for fashion.

The first thing you probably think when you look at women's shoes, especially in this season is the color of the model, and present your beautiful fingers. But you are a woman who loves sports more important is the safety of himself, choosing one of the sneakers in the country in the feet and the sport to work properly.

Do not forget the comfort

In fashion Remember that what is more important than the bridesmaids' shoes is that they are comfortable to wear. Helps maintain the health of the bridesmaids feet, some brides choose between two different pairs of shoes bridesmaids, a pair of modes of marriage and images, and a pair of second marriage.


Shoes require the same consideration that other cabinet options carefully. Shoes can draw the eye down to enjoy.


1.Wrong shoes can reduce the illusion of height.

2.The Shoe fit 'wrong can ruin your feet.

3.Material and poor performance to determine the overall comfort.

4.Shoe Seams should be flat and contain no traces of glue.

5.It is dangerous to use high heels with a height no matter how far.

6.If have fat legs, strappy styles and cuts are good.

7.If feet are small, bright or colored appliques are good.

8.If you are in a long trip, avoid pushing into narrow shoes.

9.No regardless of how it fits you well, has become the toes nails black.

10.Leather can liners keep feet warm in winter and cool in winter.


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